Ayeneh Foundation was established in 2005 as a nonprofit organization in the United States with a mission to provide humanitarian and educational services to communities around the world. We believe that prevention is always better, easier and more efficient than treatment, and must go hand in hand with increasing awareness. Since its inception, Ayeneh has begun working with experts, psychologists, professionals and activists in the field of social maladies to deliver weekly educational messages through our television and radio programs to empower our audience with comprehensive preventative and educational solutions and resources. Over the past 13 years, after producing and distributing more than 5,000 hours of media outreach programs, and holding twenty eight free educational seminars and gatherings of the friends of recovery, setting up multiple informative websites, a tree-planting campaign and donations of books and school supplies to the children of labor and many other humanitarian projects, Ayeneh Foundation has continued to empower many Farsi-speaking people around the world with knowledge. One of our goals in this stage of our humanitarian endeavors was rooted in the importance of our autonomy as a nonprofit as well as an international educational media to expand our projects independent of any political, religious or cultural organizations. Since achieving a healthy society and world requires collective efforts and the cooperation of all segments of society, the goal of Ayeneh’s founder, Dariush Eghbali, has been to encourage the creation of a health triangle composed of community members, international nonprofits and responsible media. Because integrating the capabilities of these entities and the complementary efforts of the three sides of this triangle are the only viable, principled, and efficient way of freeing the international community from social harm. Thus, in the first step, we invited global nonprofits to join our team of specialists and volunteers and encourage to present programming which would inform people worldwide of their goals and resources. Ayeneh has expanded its operations since the beginning of the year 2017 and, as the first independent and educational media outlet, launched its own 24-hour programs around the world via Yahsat Satellite. Today Ayeneh has expanded its operations and the projects it manages, and with a team of local and international staff and volunteers, and its board of directors, produces and presents educational programs hosted by experts and speakers on topics such as the international disease of addiction, the plight of refugees, the art of parenting, mental illness, the latest in science, medicine and literature, and other entertainment programs such as music and audio books, which illustrate unique programs in Farsi, English, Armenian and Spanish seven days a week. The mainstay of any nonprofit organization are kind souls who, with their continued presence, support its humanitarian goals and, like any other volunteer, do not neglect their humanitarian duty. Ayeneh Foundation has always strived to encourage individuals in the community to join this movement and hopefully contribute to their own destiny and empower the community with awareness, education and prevention of social maladies so that we can all participate in mending our common wounds on the journey to achieving a healthy world in a united effort.

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