The Maah TV channel was founded by SEYED AMIR REZA SHOJAEI (Amir Pasha) in April 2016 in Malaysia. The Maah TV group consists of experienced and professional people in the field of television, cinema, media and advertising with over 18 years’ experience in Iran, UAE, Turkey, Cyprus and Malaysia. Producer of several movies, TV series and some popular TV shows on show home network, as well as production of music albums and designing and making international teasers and along with setting of regional advertising campaigns for famous brands is the business record and successful resume of owner and CEO of this TV group. Working in the majority of successful satellite networks as well as production of television and cinematic works, along with making hundreds of attractive and influential teasers has recorded a brilliant result for this group. The Maah TV channel is an independent media and is not affiliated with anyone, entity or organization. The main purpose of this TV group is to produce and broadcast programs with high quality, appropriate and attractive content in the field of entertainment, education, commerce and tourism.The Maah TV group with the use of world-class video technologies and the unique creativity of the executive team has a significant resume in designing and construction of promotional teasers.Maah TV is a media for all Persian-languages around the world.

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